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Building an online business is not only time consuming and expensive it can also be frustrating dealing with all the technical aspects that go along with keeping ahead of the game. Outsourcing is generally harder, its difficult to rely on staff remotely and build trust when working with them.  
This is where our service comes in. We do more than just build and manage online businesses. We strategically analyse the skills and projects you need in order to get the perfect worker for you, we then go a step further and have a project manager assign and communicate with the staff on your behalf.

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Here at SME ACADEMY we understand what our clients needs are, we have a very accurate match-making process which puts you in direct touch with highly experienced professionals giving you the very best personnel to deliver the very best results.
You’re presented with a wide variety of different industry specialists who are here to take the way your business operates to the next level, streamlining practices and simplifying your life. Our cost-effective solution is the answer you’ve been looking for.
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SME ACADEMY is proud to partner with Small and Medium businesses to help accelerate their growth by offering training, consultation and various resources that we have identified to be cost and resource effective..
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